June 27, 2009

I’m starting today, Saturday  11 pm to talk about stuff that might help you make money with your ideas. The timing tells you a couple of things. One, I have a full time job, ( major publisher) and two, I really am working for you. Well, almost. One thing I’m seeing through my 40 year old blog goggles is that despite the fire in the belly etc we’re mostly in it for something that will put food on the table. Or some philanthropic equivalent to food.  Sooner or later, someone is going to pay something to go further right? That’s why I’m here. Presumably, if you’re still here, you’re thinking the same thing.

Making money from your intellectual property has some clear pathways that we in the publishing business had locked up and kept secret until the web came along. Now everyone is publisher, whether they realise it or not. Publishers, in many cases, without the luxury of training and experience. Publishers who need to know the pathway from market research to idea to product development, packaging, demand generation, publicity and distribution.

SMARTER BUBBLE is a friend on this tricky pathway. I hope you can use what you find here to make money from your ideas.

Ben Dawe


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